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My Visit to Hal Walker's Substack

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

It took me ten months to post this on my own site, but such is the nature of ME/CFS, which my friend -- legendary musician Hal Walker -- discussed with me on his Substack in a segment from January, 2023 entitled "Peggy and Hal" that you can read and listen to here:

I got to meet Hal in person a couple of months after this at my house, a rare and exciting encounter for me since I'm not able to be around people much, and I have only been around other ME/CFS patients a handful of times (or slightly more than one handful) in the past 25 years (outside of medical facilities). So, it was an amazing experience, as Hal is a dear friend and a lovely human being, not to mention wildly talented and humble. Hal played music for me on a big sectional sofa that I got a year ago (so cool, and I learned that room has killer acoustics), and we got to really connect in person about our many-decades struggle with ME/CFS.



Writing the shadow spaces of ME/CFS, chronic Lyme, and Long Covid

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