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"She pushed my thinking, provided superb editing, assisted with research, and came up with needed information in a pinch. This book would not have taken shape the way it did without her fine editorial eye."


—  Dorothy Wall, Author, Encounters With the Invisible

Find your own room. 

Peggy and her editorial assistant Syd Frey sometimes take on select editorial clients for projects we love.  

About Syd:

​Syd Frey holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Pacific University, and has a range of experience teaching and tutoring writers of all abilities.  She taught English as a Foreign Language to college students in Zhongshan, China; and both Developmental English and First Year Composition to community college students in New England.  Syd's experience working internationally in China and Central America, as well as with both urban and suburban communities in the US, has left her comfortable working with writers of all backgrounds and levels of formal English grammar proficiency.  She highly values helping writers polish their own voices into work that is engaging and consistent.  As for her own writing, a graduate school mentor called it "bomb proof."

See Peggy's Bio, above.

Specialty Areas:

Medical, science​; Health Memoir/Healing



Experimental Fiction; Poetry; Memoir

Academic Writing/Papers

Fringe/Marginalized Realities

Organic Gardening/Green Building and Design

Regionalisms/Local Flavor


We follow the Editorial Freelancers Association pricing guidelines.  Please write us for an estimate on your specific project, but in general our rates are: $40-45 an hour for copyediting (very light edits average 6+ pages an hour, whereas developmental editing can run as slow as 1-3 pages an hour), manuscript evaluation $45 an hour, writing/ghost writing $50 an hour (1-3 manuscript pages an hour), research assistance and fact checking $35 an hour.  We can also do overview edits (very quick perusal of your manuscript) or writing coaching to help jump start/define your project for a flat rate.

dot dot dot editorial

Our Services Include:


We build up content as needed, or rewrite weak sections or paragraphs where you are stuck. 

Content- and line-editing

​We help keep your writing taut and lively, focusing on clarity, structure, style, tone, characterization, dialogue, and other elemental pieces, as well as doing basic proofreading/copyediting.  

Manuscript critique/evaluation/coaching

If you want a lighter edit or just creative coaching, we provide a detailed written assessment of your writing's strengths and weaknesses -- covering matters such as content, clarity, style, tone, structure, characterizations, development, organization, and overall presentation. 


We work with an eye for typographical miscues, punctuation and spelling problems, stylistic inconsistencies, and formatting and keyboarding mistakes. 



We concern ourselves with all matters of style and consistency, including spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, verb tense, and clarity. We also address issues of tone, development, and the overall presentation of the material. 

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