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"Cutting edge and ontic." - Noelle Kocot 

"A stylist extraordinaire." - Rebecca Brown

Peggy Munson

Official Site of Author, Editor, Activist, Tethered Dreamer,

Green Airstream Fancier, & Creative Tinkerer

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Body As Shadow Space

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My Books

Hi, I'm Peggy

I am an award-winning writer with four published books including Pathogenesis, Origami Striptease, and Stricken: Voices from the Hidden Epidemic, all created while enduring decades of severe ME/CFS and secondary Lyme and coinfections that have left me largely bedbound. I am currently working on a book about the US caregiving crisis, focusing on my own gripping survival story when my loved ones tried to end my life for being severely disabled. You can support this work with a Paypal tip.

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My Story

My Story


Yusef Komunyakaa, Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet

"Peggy Munson’s Pathogenesis is forthright and magical in its scope. The minute ascends to the monumental—moth to God; very little escapes the sharp, perceptive eye of this thoughtful poet. A sober music gives shape to the insistent pulse of this book, and each poem dovetails to highlight the collection’s overall vision. Every trope is a probe that divines vicissitude."

On Pathogenesis

Eileen Myles, Guggenheim Fellow

"This is sleezily insidious writing. Constructed as if you are already in it, I mean, smothered in sex and sticky frosting and the close proximity of death.  I really admire Peggy Munson's Origami Striptease. It's a good, dirty book."

On Origami Striptease

Jodi Bassett, founder of the Hummingbird Foundation for ME

"This is a book that leaves you changed after you’ve read it, it’s so powerful and compelling."

On Stricken: Voices from the Hidden Epidemic


Writing the shadow spaces of ME/CFS, chronic Lyme, and Long Covid

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